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thehorseman's Journal

Anraí MacEibhir
18 December
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The Muse
The Biography
Don't know why they call it whispering ...

... when sometimes it takes a shout.

The oldest son of Ruairí MacEibhir (sonofgranite) and his deceased wife Máire NiStandún MacEibhir, Anraí is a púca, an Irish faerie who can turn into a horse. Though he reveals his heritage to very few, his abilities come in handy in his work as a trainer and breeder. Like his father, he works training young and problem horses. He's also part owner of two breeding ranches, one in New Mexico and one in Connemara, though that part of his life is about to undergo some changes ... as are a few other parts as well.

Anraí of course looks considerably younger than his more than 120 years, and even younger than what his driver's license says, with his youthful face, freckles and a rather lethal set of dimples. His eyes are the eyes of his family, with deep brown irises that extend well beyond his pupils to leave only dots of white at each corner. But he often uses a small glamour (illusion spell) to make them look normal. He speaks with a rich tenor and a definite Irish lilt.


This journal is for writing and roleplaying purposes only. I do not in any way claim to be an Irish horse fey, and neither Anraí nor I make any claims to be Christian Campbell, whose image we've borrowed just a tiny bit. Anraí comes from the novel The Grey Horse, by R.A. MacAvoy, though I have elaborated considerably on his rather minute appearance in that book. No profit is being made and no disrespect nor harm is intended. His siblings can be found at fey_fire, gifted_hands and a_chaitlin.

And Anraí MacEibhir is pronounced Ahn-rye MacEever, just so you know. ;)

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